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Where can I find the "user manual" for the LPC1768

I assume this data comes from NXP, however on the product page for the chip the "user manual" link currently returns document UM10493 which is for a specific "POS demo" PCB not the actual IC.

Based on looking up other products NXP appear to put hardware data in the datasheet along with a summary of the memory map, but put the detailed memory map and register details in a separate "user manual".

There is a manual for the LPC177x,178x series, but would this cover the 1768?

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8 years ago.

I'd be tempted to go to www.lpcware.com & get the documentation etc. from there - it seems to have the latest updates for NXP documents/examples etc.



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I'd missed that site, it looks good. The download link for the manual points back to NXP.

posted by Oliver Broad 18 Sep 2013

Yes, it's all NXP-based but it seems to be their official support portal (rather than going to www.nxp.com & clicking on numerous links/searching for the specific document there)

posted by Jez Cawley 18 Sep 2013
8 years ago.

Thanks, yeah I should have googled it but I just assumed I was on the right product page already.

That link actually gave a 404 but I put UM10360 into the "search" box and was then able to download it, from what appears to be the exact same URL.

Wow, that's weird. It was working when I posted the answer.

posted by Igor Skochinsky 18 Sep 2013

Could be my internet connection I've been having DNS issues all morning.

Alternatively it may be that NXP check the referrer to make sure you came to the file from an NXP page, the same way some sites lock their images.

posted by Oliver Broad 18 Sep 2013