Dependents of DNSResolver

A dependent is a program or library which makes use of this library.

Example of a program that uses the TwitPic library.
Driving a 20T202DA2JA VFD, using the (powered) RTC, pressing a button to ask the user to enter the date details over serial, displaying the date on the VFD. Now with … RTC, SPI, VFD
Example using MbedJSONRpc: call distant method
QRSS Rx Network receiver. A receiver to sample a segment of RF spectrum and send this data to a server for further processing and display. NXP mbed Design Challenge entry … amateur, cellar, Circuit, GPS, I2S, QRSS, Radio
MQTTClient test to subscribe to Pachube feed MQTT, Pachube
Demo program for the [[http://mbed.org/users/hlipka/libraries/pop3|pop3 library]]. mail, network, pop3
mbed based IoT Gateway More details http://blog.thiseldo.co.uk/wp-filez/IoTGateway.pdf IOT, OpenEnergyMonitor, Pachube, Sen.se
SiPM basded cosmic ray detector data acquisition system.