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  • keypad3x4

    scan a 3x4 keypad with softaware pulldown resistors by polling it continuously.

    keypad, polling
    Last updated: 08 May 2015 2 6
  • Keypad3x4polling

    Optimized polling keybolard reading

    kepad, keyboard, polling, pull, up
    Last updated: 12 May 2015 1 244

    This class interface the MDSMC (Micro Dual Serial Motor Controller) by Pololu with our mbed module

    by, controller, dual, micro, motor, pololu, Serial
    Last updated: 16 Nov 2012 1 16
  • WaveGen_v4

    This library generate four classic waves, have an escape button to stop to generate wave. And is possible to use function for calculate period,... separately

    Last updated: 06 May 2016 2 12
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