Forks of HTTPClient

A fork is a repository which is based on a copy of this repository.

Added support for Vodafone K4606, for more details refer to
fork httpClient
The original HTTPClient by donatien with 2 bugfixes
A HTTP Client library - increase receive buffer size
Fixed HTTP header key and value length.
my copy of HTTPClient
A HTTP Client for the mbed networking libraries with HTTPFile for use with latest networking stack
Change path size.
A HTTP/HTTPS Client for the mbed networking/CyaSSL ssl library https, HTTPSClient, security, SSL, TLS
Quick fix of value size in key:value in HTTP header.
Buffer size extended
Fork with basicauth enabled.
HTTPClient fork Support for Plantus Headers authentification
Changed key and value max length from 32 to 64 to accommodate for longer header lines. http
Revision of HTTPClient to fit the usage of NNN50_WIFI_API DELTA DFCM-NNN50, HTTPClient
HTTPClient with increased vector for sites with long parameters
A HTTP Client for the mbed networking libraries. Work with Xively. Send location using PUT request. HTTPClient, xively
A HTTP Client for the mbed networking libraries, with PUT method
iSDIO Library for TOSHIBA FlashAir. include HTTP or HTTPS Client.