A HTTP/HTTPS Client for the mbed networking/CyaSSL ssl library

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Fork of HTTPClient by Donatien Garnier

HTTP and HTTPS Client Class with wolfSSL, embedded SSL library.


The class was forked from http://mbed.org/users/donatien/code/HTTPClient/

It, now, accepts url both with "http://" and "https://".

Allocate caller thread with 16kbytes or larger stack for "https" requests.

Rest of the API stays compatible with HTTPClient.

For more about the library, see http://www.wolfssl.com. http://wolfssl.com/yaSSL/Docs.html.

Extended methods:


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
34:76aa4f4021c1 17 months agowolfSSLSync with wolfSSL 3.9.0 default tip
33:77082c88748a 2015-07-21wolfSSLAdded dumpReqHeader, dumpResHeader
32:9aadb8a34e80 2015-07-20wolfSSLMulti-byte support
31:7fd621b83b60 2015-06-26wolfSSLwith wolfSSL 3.6.0
30:a9ecee69c6b5 2014-12-05wolfSSLSkipping large header
29:79567006ecb4 2014-12-03wolfSSLtiming after request sent
28:25b5d3720bd1 2014-12-03wolfSSLtiming after request sent;
27:5d4739eae63e 2014-07-21wolfSSLMinor fix
26:bf979804b653 2014-07-21wolfSSL
25:531f03a263a9 2014-07-12wolfSSLCyaSSL under HTTPClient class
24:1bef4962dd61 2014-07-12wolfSSLAdd setSSLmethod
23:f7e0ab858911 2014-07-12wolfSSLCommon main.cpp for FRDM-K64F
22:4b9a4151cc73 2014-07-12wolfSSLAdd basic authentication;
21:14ecc2b2e282 2014-04-17wolfSSLCyaSSL 2.9.4
20:bec882d85856 2014-04-08wolfSSLcyassl_free
19:1e2f05809eb1 2014-04-08wolfSSLeliminate sockfd
18:d89df40b4cf3 2014-04-07wolfSSLjust Indentation
17:c73d8e61d391 2014-04-07wolfSSLAdded SSL by CyaSSL library; Added header method; Improved send buffer; Added retry connection
16:1f743885e7de 2012-08-30donatienIHTTPData (HTTPText, HTTPMap) objects can be re-used multiple times (reading/writing position is reset on each connection); Support for PUT and DELETE methods
15:5ad07f90e895 2012-08-29donatienRemoved useless debug message
14:2744e0c0e527 2012-08-28donatienFixed short chunk buffer issue
13:be61104f4e91 2012-08-05donatienFixed blocking mode
12:89d09a6db00a 2012-08-05donatienUpdated to match the newest Socket API
11:390362de8c3f 2012-07-30donatienUpdate for compat with newest Socket API
10:e1351de84c16 2012-07-18donatienCorrected licence headers
9:ff30cc189191 2012-07-11donatienDecreased stack size use
8:45c8da29a1cf 2012-07-06donatienFixed bug in URL parsing method
7:4e39864f7b15 2012-06-29donatienUpdate to using new C++ Socket API
6:54f79436184f 2012-06-29donatienForked with right name
5:791fc3dcb6c4 2012-06-15donatienRemoved velociraptors-prone gotos:)
4:c071b05ac026 2012-05-24donatienFIX
3:5aef7584de4b 2012-04-26donatien
2:75f5b83238af 2012-04-26donatien
1:b70c37cf73ca 2012-04-26donatien
0:2ccb9960a044 2012-04-26donatien