Fork to support REVB hardware.

Dependents:   C027_BootTest_revb C027_EthernetSniffTest C027_M3_SerialEcho C027_HelloWorld_revb ... more

Fork of C027 by u-blox


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
22:2ab87e985526 2013-12-15 dixter1 Comment Updates default tip
21:db7c445289f5 2013-12-13 dixter1 GPS Cleanup, and Switch for M3 vs LISA for GPS Signals.
20:2ae219d82c0e 2013-12-13 dixter1 Cleanup merge error.
19:82c9967207f1 2013-12-13 dixter1 Delay at boot, after initial setup is complete. Need to wait for the reset signals on the board to settle, so we don't reset the LISA chip multiple times.
18:724e52d07c10 2013-12-13 dixter1 Add parameter to power functionality, so we determine at that point whether the LISA will use USB or UART (really, whether we allow uart to be enabled)
17:cd02fb66a5fc 2013-12-13 dixter1 Leakage Test Added.
16:6475e8463afc 2013-12-13 dixter1 Update with Leakage Test
15:971186932592 2013-12-12 dixter1 Boot Test for REVB C027 Hardware.
14:e30f90b5447e 2013-12-06 mazgch switch to new revision of board ; for revision A version of board you have to use the define C027_REVA
13:fb30e9923a7b 2013-11-19 mazgch added ilevoe (i2c buffer oe)
12:31fb5ff9fef5 2013-11-10 mazgch do not use A0 on rev a
11:722101675ce4 2013-11-10 mazgch better blinky in case of errors
10:bc9e2eb5daa8 2013-11-06 mazgch need to wait after reset (avoid using USB too early on LISA-U)
9:7e038529bfff 2013-11-06 mazgch moved pin
8:a356376db984 2013-11-05 mazgch updating the support library
7:e3eab86f1de9 2013-10-25 mazgch added function to power and reset the modules on the board; make sure the correct board revision is selected
6:e11bf54dd344 2013-10-21 mazgch adding helpers
5:ff17f16cf70a 2013-10-21 mazgch added pinnames header
4:7f910a8e77ee 2013-10-18 mazgch fixed web links
3:b54777b90da1 2013-10-16 mazgch eol fix
2:b7bd3660ff64 2013-10-16 mazgch added mbed_die override
1:4a3bc6c3f1d0 2013-10-01 mazgch comment
0:76bb2733db5d 2013-09-30 mazgch initial comit, C027 pin names