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Issue: Using Serial with PicoTCP (Closed: Accepted)

Hi Daniele,

I have a simple request for PicoTCP. In file: PicoTCP/modules/pico_dev_mbed.cpp, can you change Serial pc(p9, p10, "Serial port"); to extern Serial pc; ?

This way, Serial pc can be defined in main.cpp. I usually use Serial pc(USBTX, USBRX);

Every time I update PicoTCP to the latest revision, I have to modify the file above.




04 Nov 2013

Hi Kevin,

thanks for the report, we are taking care of this.

04 Nov 2013

Hi Kevin,

We released a new PicoTCP version. We removed that Serial variable that was causing conflicts and all the PicoTCP info messages are now printed using printf (over the mbed virtual serial interface).

Thank you for your input!