A PicoTCP demo app testing the ethernet throughput on the lpc1768 mbed board.

Dependencies:   PicoTCP lpc1768-picotcp-eth mbed-rtos mbed picotcp-demo-printf

This is a demo application, using the PicoTCP socket API, to show the performance of a TCP sender towards an endpoint connected via Ethernet.

This application runs on the NXP LPC1768 mbed board.

This demo should give you following output on the mbed lpc1768's serial port:

>>> Welcome 2 PicoTCP <<<
ip= - will connect to in 5 seconds...
PicoTCP Benchmark starting...
Opening socket...
tb> Connection established with server.
tb> TCPSIZ written
tb> Called shutdown()
tb> Transmitted 10485760 bytes in 6704 milliseconds
tb> average write throughput 12512 kbit/sec
tb> Socket closed. Exit normally. 

On the receiving side (e.g. linux computer) you could receive the packets sent by PicoTCP with netcat - e.g.:

ifconfig eth0
nc -l -p 4404 > /dev/null