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In order to keep needles on the Christmas tree until Christmas, a strict watering regime is put in place. Remembering to wter plants is hard enough, so when the stakes …
This page show how to user the $Sub$$ feature to patch code that is in either in binary object files or stored in ROM
This page is an investigation into how to get the best possible performance from the mbed ADC
A cheat sheet for using the NXP PCA9532 I2C 16 bit IO expander on the Embedded Artists Baseboard.
This is the write up for the PCA9532 I2C LED driver/dimmer from NXP. This part is included on the Embedded Artists Baseboard.
How to reuse the binary prototyped on your mbed Microcontroller with the LPC1768 on a custom PCB
A note page discussing how to reduce the current drawn through VB
This is an experiment to make a software input debouncer class that is a drop-in replacement for DigitalIn