Dependencies of OSCtoCVConverter

A dependency is a program or library which this program uses. When you import this program, the dependencies are automatically imported.

modded version Dirk-Willem van Gulik's Bonjour/Zerconf library http://mbed.org/users/dirkx/code/Bonjour/ bonjour, HTTPServer, mdns, multicast
xshige & Radio Junk Box's OSCReceiver modded version(#define INPUT_PORT >> extern) http://mbed.org/users/radiojunkbox/code/KAMUI_OSC-CV_Example/ http://mbed.org/users/xshige/programs/OSCReceiver/
modded writeData & writeCommand private>>public TextLCD library for controlling various LCD panels based on the HD44780 4-bit interface HD44780, TextLCD
The official Mbed 2 C/C++ SDK provides the software platform and libraries to build your applications.
mbed RPC
Class to be able to send SPI data with almost no overhead, useful at very high speeds. high, Speed, SPI
Debounce InterruptIn debounce, interrupt
Replacement for regular GPIO (DigitalIn, DigitalOut, DigitalInOut) classes which has superior speed. GPIO, Speed
Ported from Arduino MIDI library Orignal: http://www.arduino.cc/playground/Main/MIDILibrary use Serial (UART) channel, MIDI, Note, pitch, Serial, UART, velocity
support OSC-string
OSCtoCV Library
clock control library written by Michael Wei clock, CPU, Power, power consumption, power control