Fork of BLE_API by Bluetooth Low Energy

Wed Dec 02 10:29:44 2015 +0000
Synchronized with git rev 12e27cd4
Author: Rohit Grover
Release 2.1.3

* Improvements to CallChainOfFunctionPointerswithContext:
- add a `detach` function to be able to remove callbacks.
- detach function now return true if a function has been detached and
false otherwise.
- add a function call operator.
- use safe-bool idiom. see :

* Add SafeBool class which allow to easily declare a safe bool operator in

* Improvements to FunctionPointerWithContext:
- fix call propagation
- use safe bool idiom

* Add config file for generating Doxygen.

* Setup for onRadioNotification callback does not call initRadioNotification

* GapAdvertisementData now handles replacement and appending of data fields
based on type. Some fields can be replaced with new values, and others
require the payload to be appended.

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rgrover1 867:b099c28e8e28 6 # Contributor agreement
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