Adding ability to set priority for the Rx thread

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RevisionDateWhoCommit message
16:2b30a056ae54 2018-10-30 amq Add ability to set priority for the Rx thread default tip
15:8cc9a80ac0ad 2018-03-26 RobMeades Add a check in socket_recv() and socket_send() to see whether the socket has been closed by the remote host. If it has, return NSAPI_ERROR_NO_SOCKET immediately. This is necessary as the socket layers above us have no way of knowing if the remote host has closed the socket. Such a check is not required for socket_recvfrom() and socket_sendto() as UDP has no concept of a socket-connection in the first place.
14:e7dcf3388403 2018-03-02 RobMeades Make sure that the event handler thread is closed cleanly in all cases and add tests that this is the case, both for sleep and for memory.
13:39264b492ce7 2018-01-10 RobMeades Replace R410M lines accidentally removed.
12:ff6fac481487 2018-01-09 RobMeades Remove spurious debug parameter.
11:cc41a8636f7e 2018-01-02 mudassar0121 Support added for R410M
10:ba18f4418ee8 2017-10-30 RobMeades Merge pull request from amq: usord and usorf can potentially return more data than originally requested, handle this situation if it occurs.
9:ffab574dcc20 2017-09-27 fahim alavi Config file added
8:edac5187d765 2017-08-03 Correct JSON formatting by adding a missing comma.
7:3b2ca10cc23a 2017-06-30 Connect now fails correctly if it cannot achieve a connection, rather than trying for ever.
6:63dad754c267 2017-06-15 Improve template, add extra time for gethostbyname() as it seems to take an age on some networks, rename "driver" to "interface" for consistency with the PPP test suite.
5:f6706249d076 2017-06-13 Make debug prints conditional on _debug_trace_on.
4:96ced7d9b7ac 2017-06-13 Merge
3:c998512df3d0 2017-06-13 Move UbloxCellularBase up to top level, otherwise there can be duplication.
2:c89190eda594 2017-06-12 RobMeades Update library versions.
1:bc228becc45d 2017-06-12 Tested on C027.
0:7ccf0e7e8a83 2017-06-12 RobMeades Initial commit, not yet compiling but I'm tired of doing everything in the on-line IDE so I need to publish to take the code off-line.