Akifumi Takahashi



A Ph.D. student at UEC, Tokyo.

Akifumi’s public repositories

  • CubicSpline

    This lib is considered to be used as a sensor's calibration program. Calibration with Spline Interpolation might be useful in the case that you want some model expressing relationship such ...

    cubic polynomial, cubic spline, spline
    Last updated: 30 May 2016 14 0
  • OS 2

    Sample program for lpc1768 with 8ch ADC and Library TRP105F_Spline.

    Last updated: 08 Jun 2016 2 3
  • OS 2

    Sample program for LPC1768. This works with LPC1114 DisatnceSensorUnitProgram.

    Last updated: 08 Jun 2016 1 1
  • OS 2

    sample program for lpc1114 with the Library TRP105F_Spline. Use this with the program DistanceSensor_BaseUnit which is for mbed lpc1768

    Last updated: 08 Jun 2016 1 0
  • OS 5

    This program is published for a question I throw at the forum (https://os.mbed.com/questions/80658/LPC1768-freezes-when-fopen-is-called-aft/). I will thank you for answering my question. LPC1768 freezes while processing this program, especially when fopen() ...

    ehternet, file system, fopen
    Last updated: 22 Mar 2018 1 8
  • OS 2

    LPC1768 DOESN'T freeze while processing this program, even when fopen() is called after EthernetInterface.connect() (with MBED OS 2) see also https://os.mbed.com/users/aktk/code/eth-filesystem-sample/

    ehternet, file system, fopen
    Last updated: 22 Mar 2018 2 3

    The library with which to make your mbed a HTTP Server which just reads HTML files in the mbed and sends it to the clients.

    Last updated: 16 Mar 2018 14 34
  • HTTP_SERVER_mbed-os

    The lib with which to make LPC1768 a simple HTTP server. This have not yet implemented. fopen() DOESN'T WORK after EthernetInterface::connect() is called as using mbed-os 5.4~. See also https://os.mbed.com/questions/80658/HardFault-occurs-when-fopen-is-called-af/ ...

    HTTP sever, LocalFileSystem
    Last updated: 23 Mar 2018 19 1
  • KajiLabES

    Library to use the Kaji-Lab's Electrical Simulator

    Last updated: 27 Jan 2019 11 6
  • PMRC16ch

    Library to use my Photo MOS Relays Circuit having 16 or less channels.

    Last updated: 29 Oct 2019 45 1
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