Aidan Walton

Independent developer / entrepreneur. Professional soldering iron jouster and part time rock star.

Aidan’s public repositories

  • 120Mhz core clock Teensy 3.2

    Add the necessary system configuration functions to mbed library to support 120Mhz core clocking on Teensy 3.2. (Overclocking)

    Last updated: 26 Feb 2018 2
  • Mbed 2 deprecated

    Updated functions to deal with USB clocking. (PPL1) See Section 4.6 & 4.7.3

    Last updated: 12 Sep 2016 3 2
  • SGTL5000

    Library to control and transfer data from NXP SGTL5000. As used on the Teensy Audio Shield. It uses DMA to transfer I2S FIFO data.

    audio, SGTL5000
    Last updated: 27 Sep 2017 15 27
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