Dependencies of Thing2Do

A dependency is a program or library which this program uses. When you import this program, the dependencies are automatically imported.

Extends DigitalIn to DebounceIn to provide mechanical switch debouncing. debounce, DigitalIn
InterruptIn style DigitalIn debounced with callbacks for pin state change and pin state hold. debounce, DigitalIn, InterruptIn
Library to control Silicon Labs SI570 10 MHZ TO 1.4 GHZ I2C PROGRAMMABLE XO/VCXO. HAM-radio, I2C, sdr, vcxo, vfo
Silicon Laboratories Inc. Si5351A-B-GT I2C-PROGRAMMABLE ANY-FREQUENCY CMOS CLOCK GENERATOR Clock Generator, Si5351A, SiLabs
The official Mbed 2 C/C++ SDK provides the software platform and libraries to build your applications.