Dependents of SoftSerial

A dependent is a program or library which makes use of this library.

Inherit from SoftSerial and use software buffers for TX and RX. This allows the SoftSerial to operate in a IRQ driven mode. Overrides most (but not all) stdio functions as … buffer, BufferedSerial, BufferSerial, Serial, SoftSerial, software
módulo bluetooth para comunicación de KL25Z midiendo corriente a través de una sonda amperimétrica con Android App neurGAI bluetooth, KL25z, neurGAI
Data logger with SD card storage and RTC
Very simple example using ESP-WROOM-02 (ESP-8266) from LPC1114 ESP8266, LPC1114
Bluetooth, conexion LCD bluetooth, LCD
comunicacion bluetooth
Soft Serial is working, barely and grossly.
Install on (2) Nucleo-L053R8's with an XBee PRO 900HP on the PA_9 and PA_10 serial pins. When the user button is pressed on one of the Nucleos, the LED flashes … Nucleo-L053R8, xbee
Comunicación serial de pc a pc con tierra común con tarjeta núcleo F334R8
Grupo 3 wilmer Pardo Sergio Burbano Daniel Paez
comunicacion serial
chat comunicación doble
read from mh-z19 CO2 sensor with LPC1114 CO2, LPC1114, mh-z19, sensor
comunicacion bluetooth Sergio Burbano Daniel Paez Alejandro Pardo
Comunicación serial entre dos equipos.
Manejo de bluetooth con un motor
First publish Luci
A simple example of using a MTK3339 GPS module on an adafruit or sparkfun shield installed on a Multitech UDK developer board.
BufferedSoftSerial patch
LED toggle demo of HM-10 and NucleoF401RE Software serial communication bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy
Guant intel·ligent per ajudar a la rehabilitació i a l'entrenament
Sigfox Communication library, allowing you to use any kind of UART able Sigfox Transmitter IOT, lpwan, sigfox
YW51 module library for calculating PM2.5