MODSERIAL with support for more devices

Dependents:   1D-Pong BMT-K9_encoder BMT-K9-Regelaar programma_filter ... more

Check the cookbook page for more information:

Did you add a device? Please send a pull request so we can keep everything in one library instead of many copies. In that case also send a PM, since currently mbed does not inform of new pull requests. I will then also add you to the developers of this library so you can do other changes directly.


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
44:a3b2bc878529 4 months agoSissorsUsed callback functions to attach to Serial, to remove compilation warnings default tip
43:8c8d13e1840b 4 months agocduckUpdate device definitions to be compatible with current versions of mbed; ; Replaces _serial.index with _serial.serial.index if DEVICE_SERIAL_ASYNCH is #defined.
42:4737f8a5b018 12 months agoSissorsCompatible with latest mbed
41:d8422efe4761 22 months agoGary Servin Add Support for Inforce's mbed PAC shield (based on the STM32F401RB)
40:6ffa97119f4f 2015-09-20garyservinAdded support for STM Nucleo F401RE platform
39:8ef4f91813fd 2015-02-08SissorsAdded K22F support (probably)
38:a04506a9a55b 2014-12-12BlazeXFixed txBufferSetSize and rxBufferSetSize. Now working with buffers in use.
37:31db07ebcb68 2014-12-11BlazeXTried to fix the BufferResize issue, but still not working with buffers in use.
36:a2ceec937db7 2014-12-11BlazeXdownSizeBuffer >= <= fix
35:180e968a751e 2014-05-12SissorsMerge of branched (I think)
34:e84b8ad1d98b 2014-04-29chaegleAdded support for Freescale KL05Z and KL64F platforms.
33:a65f89de75c5 2014-05-11SissorsFixed ts_busy according to:
32:f42def64c4ee 2013-10-12SissorsImproved claim documentation
31:b90b20f78f04 2013-10-11SissorsAdded claim function to redirect stdout (or similar)
30:b04ce87dc424 2013-09-01SissorsSee changelog
29:9a41078f0488 2013-07-12SissorsAdded documentation
28:76793a84f9e5 2013-07-12SissorsRefactoring + KL25Z support v1.0
27:9c93ce7cb9d8 2013-07-11Sissorsv0.1 for KL25 support
26:91e4dba7ebe2 2013-06-10Sissors_uidx reference in DMA code replaced by _serial.index
25:ae0408ebdd68 2013-01-08AjKSee ChangeLog.c
24:9c456e647a8f 2012-12-06AjK1.24RC for new Mbed libraries
23:5c45c21f36b7 2012-07-25AjKAdd support for LPC11U24
22:c11ea36f17f9 2012-04-19AjK1.22 Buffer pointer fix by Anthony Wieser
21:af2af4c61c2f 2011-05-10AjKV1.21 See ChangeLog.c
20:59c74aaedda2 2011-04-26AjK1.20 See ChangeLog.c
19:a158936322cc 2011-04-21AjK1.18 See ChangeLog.c
18:21ef26402365 2011-04-21AjK1.18 See ChangeLog.c
17:6c9b57c14868 2011-03-08AjK1.17 See ChangeLog.c
16:8b1dbf4cce4e 2011-02-12AjK1.16 See ChangLog.c
15:a1d9e745d71e 2011-02-12AjK1.15 See ChangeLog.c
14:3c3b87617bfe 2011-02-08AjK1.14 See ChangeLog
13:70bb7c1769fa 2011-01-20AjK1.13 See ChangeLog
12:8c7394e2ae7f 2011-01-20AjK1.12 See ChangeLog
11:a93a62eeeb9d 2010-11-24AjK1.11
10:725fe81aa9ff 2010-11-24AjK1.10
9:b3cdae80e7a9 2010-11-23AjK1.9
8:775f860e94d3 2010-11-22AjK1.8
7:ffa4a7cb7f8d 2010-11-22AjK1.7
6:c8f77fe1cc10 2010-11-21AjK1.6
5:8365c4cf8f33 2010-11-21AjK1.5
4:28de979b77cf 2010-11-21AjK1.4
3:0f10f536456e 2010-11-21AjK1.4
2:b936b4acbd92 2010-11-21AjK1.4
1:b7e435fbfe8e 2010-11-21AjK1.1
0:eb2522b41db8 2010-11-20AjK1.0