Library that allows for higher resolution and speed than standard mbed PWM library using same syntax (drop-in replacement).

Dependents:   PwmOscillator FastStepDriver TLC5940 CameraTest ... more

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Added F072RB target

Hello Erik,

I am new to mbed and quite new to programming so I hope I did nothing wrong.

I only tested the PC_6 output (the one needed for my project) but it worked as expected.

Big thanks for this library !


Fork of Erik Olieman's FastPWM library created to add the targets I need.


12 Jan 2015

Thanks for contributing. Erik will look at it soon ;)

12 Jan 2015

Also it seems that Martin has nothing better to than commenting for me :P.

It looks to be good, and since it is also a new one it can't break anything for current targets, so no matter what, it will for sure be better than without your addition :). Going to accept it and will add you to the developers, so if you later have another one to add you can do it directly.