Forks of DS1820

A fork is a repository which is based on a copy of this repository.

W5100, SD card, DS18B20
DS18B20 library
To add bugfixes
Mukodik tobb DS18B20 de nem lehet updatolni az mbedet mert azutan nem mukodik mar
Dallas DS18B20 OneWire sensor library
Greenhouse project
Fork to fix compiler warnings.
I corrected found two bugs in your library: _the temperature reading is incorrect (systematic error in subdegree, the division by two was not done correctly + trunc, see below for …
A cut-down version of https://os.mbed.com/users/Sissors/code/DS1820/ tweaked for use with the STM32F103. It is all generic Mbed operations though, so should be usable anywhere. Non-essential functions have been removed, as this …
DS1820 library for multiple devices
Based on DS1820. Only put 3 defines in comment to allow operations with Nucleo board