A demonstration of the telemetry library (https://github.com/Overdrivr/Telemetry) to transfert to the desktop various data from the FRDM-TFC shield

Dependencies:   BufferedSerial FRDM-TFC-HBRIDGE mbed telemetry

Example of the 'Telemetry' library, a portable communication library for embedded devices.

This code fetches all the data from the Freescale Cup RC-car. It relies on a more advanced shield library that is able to read current feedback from HBridges.

The available data is the following :

  • Potentiometer 0
  • Potentiometer 1
  • 4-bit DIP switch
  • Battery level
  • current inside HBridge A
  • current inside HBridge B

You can use the Pytelemetry Command Line Interface to open plots, visualize the received data, and communicate with the car.

See https://github.com/Overdrivr/pytelemetrycli