Dependents of telemetry

A dependent is a program or library which makes use of this library.

RC-car remotely controlled from a computer. A demonstration of the power of Pytelemetry/telemetry. MIT Licensing. Communication, Pytelemetry, remote, Telemetry
A demonstration of the telemetry library ( to transfert to the desktop various data from the FRDM-TFC shield Pytelemetry, Telemetry
Telemetry library - Effortless communication with embedded devices. See Example 01 : Publish some random data and visualize it easily from the computer. This example is under open source … Communication, control, program, remote, Telemetry
A demonstration of the Telemetry library that sends the contents of an array over a single topic 'sin'. The array is a shifting 16-samples window on a sine function Communication, Telemetry
A demo on NXP KL25Z of the telemetry library to publish some sensor data that can be read/plotted on the computer using pytelemetrycli ( Published data: "touch" -> capacitive slider …