ESC class used to controll standard Electronic Speed Controllers for brushless motors of RC models

Dependents:   MTQuadControl Base_Hybrid_V2 base_rekam_darurat_v1 Base_Hybrid_Latihan_Ok_Hajar_servo_pwm ... more

Simple ESC usage example

#include "mbed.h"
#include "esc.h" //include the ESC class

int main()
    ESC esc1(p26); //declare the ESC as connected to pin p26.
    float throttle_var = 0.5 //that means 50%.
        //... update throttle_var ...
        esc1 = throttle_var; //memorize the throttle value (it doesn't send it to the ESC).
        //... do whatever you want - e.g. call esc1.setThrottle(throttle_var) again ...
        esc1(); //actually sets the throttle to the ESC.
        wait_ms(20);  //20ms is the default period of the ESC pwm; the ESC may not run faster.

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