Matteo Terruzzi

I'm a student of Information Technology, with some interest for electronics. Personally, I see UAVs, computer vision and the Web as the 3 most important technologies of the future. So my current work and the experiments that I'm conducting here with mbed are focused on the development of the software for an autonomous quadrotor with onboard web server for remote control (ethernet + wifi AP) of the aircraft from any platform (mobile or PC).

Matteo’s public repositories

  • ESC

    ESC class used to controll standard Electronic Speed Controllers for brushless motors of RC models

    esc, pwm, RC
    Last updated: 19 Jul 2013 2 459
  • Mbed 2 deprecated

    Work in progress...

    quadcopter, RC
    Last updated: 24 May 2014 8 34
  • RefRX

    work in progress

    Last updated: 20 Jul 2013 6 4
  • SharedObject

    Not exactly an Atomic implementation - If you use shared resources, this helps you protecting the access with a Mutex.

    mutex, Shared resources
    Last updated: 19 Jul 2013 4 6
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