FRDM-Copter is an attempt to build firmware for mbed based multicopter running on FRDM boards from Freescale.

Dependencies:   FXAS21000 FXOS8700Q PID mbed-dsp mbed-rtos mbed




So far the following boards are used:

In addition I am planning on using:


I decided to use mbed platform as it allows easy CMSIS-DAP debugging and firmware can be easily ported to other mbed enabled devices in future.

Phase 1

Sensor fusion will be implemented and estimated orientation plotted over blue-tooth in the Android application.

Phase 2

PID controller will be used to maintain orientation and control the motors using PWM channels, tuning will be possible in the Android application.

Phase 3

Controll will be implemented with CR20A 2.4Ghz module for use with Frsky Taranis.

Phase 4

All schematics will be transferred to KiCad on a single board.

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