Make RC (Radio controlled) Remote Control presentable as Joystick in Linux without any additional cables. Since we know that servos operate on PWM, I have decided that cheapest way (and easiest) to fly a RC model simulator is to translate PWM from receiver to Joystick data on computer. Mbed board was doing the translation. No need for any special cable and no dependency on RC Transmitter or Receiver whatsoever. If it can move the servos it can also move the model in computer simulator. Requirements and design are available on

Dependencies:   PwmIn USBDevice USBJoystick mbed

RC receiver as joystick

PWMIn class defines your pins which are connected to certain channels on receiver. I suggest you keep the order and just swap pins (since order defines axis identified in computer through USB and generic Joystick driver. You can also calibrate your Joystick.

Tested on mbed boards


Initial tests were done with NUCLEO-F401RE and was tested on Chromebook, with PicaSim, Linux PC with CRRCSim and FlightGear. Because it is just Joystick it can be used in any game supporting joysticks (from car simulations to everyday games). No more need for special cables to get your transmitter to the computer.

Requirements, Test Cases and Design

Since this was done before project was started I used a simple notebook to outline the required work. It is still available on