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Calibrating an Acelerômeter - Weird Histograms

Hello everybody!

I am here, hapilly calibrating one acelerômeter I have by using a cube and a 0g and 1g as reference. And here is how I do it: I calculate the Offset so that samples taken on the axis perpendicular to gravity are near 1g and the others are zero.Then I rotate the cube and take more samples, and compare it the measurement is near from what I expect.

But, the histograms gererated by the sampled data are really weird, take a look:


The first line is the first position of the cube, which z is perpendicular to gravity. The second is the second, which y is perpendicular to gravity. And third is the third position, which x is perpendicular to gravity.

The Z collum is ok, what worries me is the first and the second, why are the those crasy gaps, way way different from what the datasheet displays. Do you know what could cause this, maybe a broken acelerômeter?

Sorry about the vocabulary, I am not writing in english as much I should...

Best Regards,

Thiago Fonseca Rech

What is the resolution of your accelerometer?

posted by Erik - 25 Nov 2015

Ahhh, I've got it now! Thanks Eric! Since the resolution is only 3.9mg there are no values in the blank spaces! Sorry about the dumb question. Seems to me that the z axis has a better resolution.

posted by Thiago . 25 Nov 2015
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