Dependents of fastlib

A dependent is a program or library which makes use of this library.

Chua chaotic oscillator - 640x480 vga Chaos, VGA
Wolfram 1D cellular automata - 640x480 vga CA, Chaos, VGA
Wolfram Rnd 1D cellular automata - 640x480 vga - with random rules CA, Chaos, VGA
Basin chaotic map - 640x480 vga Fractal, VGA
A project to implement a console using the Mbed using VGA for video output and a PS/2 keyboard for the input. The eventual goal is to also include tools for … console, PS/2, Terminal, VGA
6502 RAM/bus emulation with VGA display
affichage VGA
3872 Play-live--test code - tempting to make this the main one