A basic LCD output test which uses the NXP LPC1768\'s SPI interface to display pixels, characters, and numbers on the Nokia 5110 or Nokia 3310 LCD.

Dependencies:   mbed NOKIA_5110

Quick and versatile LCD screen control. Works as a great alternative to serial consoles!



Inverted-color text function makes easy menus and borders


Uses a simple SetXY(char, char) function to draw data-plots or patterns

- Wiring -


LCD's connections from left to right:

1) +3.3v (V_lcd) - mbed's VOUT

2) GND - mbed's GND

3) SCE (chip select) - mbed's p8

4) RST (reset) - mbed's p9

5) DC (data/command) - mbed's p10

6) MOSI - mbed's p11

7) SCLK (serial clock) - mbed's p13

8) +3.3v (V_backlight) - mbed's VOUT

The code for this setup would be...

LcdPins myPins;

myPins.sce = p8;

myPins.rst = p9;

myPins.dc = p10;

myPins.mosi = p11;

myPins.miso = NC;

myPins.sclk = p13;

or more easily...

LcdPins myPins = { p11, NC, p13, p10, p8, p9 };

Init the NokiaLcd class using the above struct...

NokiaLcd myLcd( myPins );

then start the LCD using...


Simple text output is achieved with either of these functions:

void DrawString(char* str);

void DrawChar(char character);


Better documentation, pre/post conditions, and extended draw functions are coming soon :)