Initialized for DISCO_F413ZH audio example

Dependencies:   BSP_DISCO_F413ZH

This is a simple Audio loopback code for DISCO_F413ZH.

The base repository is I've added workaround patch for Audio-in and out(loopback) demo on DISCO_F413ZH board(Microphone U16, U17)

If you connect a 5x Mems microphone, the Audio-in path (U16 and U17) going to be automatically changed to 5x Mems microphone.


1. Import the application into your desktop

You can use Mbed CLI, Online Compiler, and Mbed Studio.

  • In case of Mbed CLI,

mbed import

cd DISCO_F413ZH-AUDIO-demo
  • In case of Online Compiler and Mbed Studio, Please click 'Import into Compiler'

2. Compile and program

mbed compile -t <toolchain> -m <TARGET_BOARD>

(supported toolchains : GCC_ARM / ARM / IAR)

3. Download binary to a target board

4. Open a serial monitor on baudrate 115200 to see the output

Audio init done..
Audio buffer init done..
Audio in(Microphone U16, U17) recording start..
Audio out init done..
Start loopback (Mic -> Audio Jack)!!
Download repository: zip gz