Fredric Rice

Los Angeles, United States

Embedded software engineering since 1978.

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  • OS 2

    This is a demonstration program which draws a keypad on the LCD and uses the touch screen to allow an operator to key-in an access code. Two possible codes are ...

    LCD, moorse, pushbutton, Touchscreen
    Last updated: 05 Jun 2019 6 4
  • OS 2

    Concept code which launches two threads, one of which implements a Modbus Tunnel protocol to talk with an ISEM, the other which launches a Modbus RTU protocol to talk to ...

    Last updated: 31 May 2019 3 0
  • OS 2

    Generates a test signal on an AnalogOut and monitors a signal on an AnalogIn, plotting the test signal or the actual signal depending on a conditional compile. The wait() and ...

    AnalogIn, AnalogOut, Graphics, plot
    Last updated: 17 Jun 2019 3 1
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