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Open, application centric, free to try: Our mission is to make mobile machine-to-machine applications profitable for all businesses through ready-made, cloud subscription services.

For, you can cloud-enable your based platform in minutes: Use our Cumulocity client library, deploy it and your device will send data to our platform. View the data graphically, control your device remotely and more.


Open. All our functionality is available through open programming interfaces (APIs). Customers and developers can use these interfaces to extend the functionality or even write entirely new applications.

Application centric. We provide you with the greatest possible freedom in combining machine-to-machine devices with applications.

Free to try. Our products are offered "as a service" for a monthly service charge with free trial packages.

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Cumulocity’s public repositories

  • MbedSmartRest implementation of the abstract SmartREST library for the Cumulocity Platform SmartREST protocol.

    Last updated: 15 Nov 2014 14 45
  • Mbed 2 deprecated

    Official reference client implementation for Cumulocity SmartREST on u-blox C027.

    C027, mbed, u-blox
    Last updated: 08 Aug 2016 140 313
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