Connect to innovate; Connect u-blox C027 to the cloud

Hello World

Import programMbedSmartRestMain

Official reference client implementation for Cumulocity SmartREST on u-blox C027.


Import libraryMbedSmartRest implementation of the abstract SmartREST library for the Cumulocity Platform SmartREST protocol.



Cumulocity agent to connect u-blox C027 ( with application shield to Cumulocity platform. Features of the agent include:

  • LCD shows connection status
  • Temperature Sensor Support
  • GPS Sensor Support
  • 2 Analog Sensor Support
  • Internet Connectivity using the built-in u-blox modem
  • Cumulocity Bootstrap support for high per-device security

Find the guide on how to integrate the C027 into Cumulocity under:

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