Dependents of RdWebServer

A dependent is a program or library which makes use of this library.

Server for window shades - using Soffy DCT-30 motors - more details here http://robdobson.com/2013/10/moving-my-window-shades-control-to-mbed/ Automation, home
Spidey Wall is the name for a physical wall lit up by multiple addressable LED strips. This program is an LPC1768 web server to control the wall from a browser. led, server, spideywall, strip, Web
Monitor for central heating system (e.g. 2zones+hw) Supports up to 15 temp probes (DS18B20/DS18S20) 3 valve monitors Gas pulse meter recording Use stand-alone or with nodeEnergyServer See http://robdobson.com/2015/09/central-heating-monitor central, DS18B20, Gas, heating, monitor