Based on Peter Barrett\'s work on BlueUSB, I added support for the PS3 Sixaxis controller (both USB and Bluetooth). When connecting a Sixaxis via USB, it will be paired with the (hardcoded) MAC address of my Bluetooth dongle.

Dependencies:   mbed

Dependents:   PS3_BlueUSB_downstate

Auto generated API documentation and code listings for PS3_BlueUSB


AutoEvents.cpp [code]
hci.cpp [code]
hci.h [code]
hci_private.h [code]
L2CAP.cpp [code]
main.cpp [code]
MassStorage.cpp [code]
ps3.h [code]
Ps3USB.cpp [code]
Socket.cpp [code]
Socket.h [code]
TestShell.cpp [code]
USBHost.cpp [code]
USBHost.h [code]
Utils.cpp [code]
Utils.h [code]