Library to drive an ILI9225 2.2" SPI TFT.

Dependents:   ILI9225_TFT_Sample


Table of Contents

  1. ILI9225 SPI TFT Library

ILI9225 SPI TFT Library


This library works with the ILI9225 based 2.2" 176x220 TFT LCD shields commonly found on eBay. Note that there is a commonly available 2.2" 240x320 TFT module very similar in appearance but using the ILI9341 driver. (Only the main Buffer IC and I/O pins are different)

Sample Usage program

Wiring guide :

mbed boardLCD board
+ 3,3V or +5VVCC
GPIO_PINRST (Reset pin)
GPIO_PINRS [Command (RS=0)/ Parameter (RS=1)]
GPIO_PIN or GNDCS (Chip selection pin)
SPI_MOSISDI (Serial data input )
SPI_SCKCLK (Reference clock)
GPIO_PIN or PWM or VCCLED (Backlit)

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