Library to drive an ILI9225 2.2" SPI TFT.

Dependents:   ILI9225_TFT_Sample

ILI9225 SPI TFT Library


This library works with the ILI9225 based 2.2" 176x220 TFT LCD shields commonly found on eBay. Note that there is a commonly available 2.2" 240x320 TFT module very similar in appearance but using the ILI9341 driver. (Only the main Buffer IC and I/O pins are different)

Sample Usage program

Wiring guide :

mbed boardLCD board
+ 3,3V or +5VVCC
GPIO_PINRST (Reset pin)
GPIO_PINRS [Command (RS=0)/ Parameter (RS=1)]
GPIO_PIN or GNDCS (Chip selection pin)
SPI_MOSISDI (Serial data input )
SPI_SCKCLK (Reference clock)
GPIO_PIN or PWM or VCCLED (Backlit)