Displays text on a WS2812 (NeoPixel) matrix display

Dependencies:   mbed miniFont wsDrive

Displays text on an array of WS2812 LEDs (NeoPixels)

Text is 5 rows tall so any grid larger than that can be used. The font supports A-Z (capitals only, any lowercase input will be capitalised) numbers and some basic punctuation. Letters are 5 LEDs wide, some numbers and punctuation are smaller but generally you need 6 pixels wide per character you wish to fit. If displaying a string a 1 row space is left between characters, for other spacings either edit the code or print one letter at a time and adjust the offset for the next letter.

LEDs must be connected in horizontal rows, top row first. Rows can be either direction or alternating directions.

NOTE: The testing on this has been fairly minimal. It works with my one physical configuration, I think the logic for other configurations is correct but haven't tested it. If you find a problem please let me know.

Download repository: zip gz