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Fork of Nucleo_MPU_9250 by Alan Huchin Herrera

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MPU9250 Class Reference

MPU9250 Class Reference

MPU9250 IMU library. More...

#include <MPU9250.h>

Public Member Functions

 MPU9250 (PinName sda, PinName scl)
void getAres ()
 Tests the I2C connection by reading the WHO_AM_I register.
void calibrateMPU9250 (float *dest1, float *dest2)

Detailed Description

MPU9250 IMU library.


 Later, maybe

Definition at line 217 of file MPU9250.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MPU9250 ( PinName  sda,
PinName  scl 


Sleep mode of MPU6050 is immediatly disabled

sda- mbed pin to use for the SDA I2C line.
scl- mbed pin to use for the SCL I2C line.

Definition at line 57 of file MPU9250.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

void calibrateMPU9250 ( float *  dest1,
float *  dest2 

Push gyro biases to hardware registers

Definition at line 282 of file MPU9250.cpp.

void getAres (  )

Tests the I2C connection by reading the WHO_AM_I register.

True for a working connection, false for an error

Definition at line 69 of file MPU9250.cpp.