Dependencies of IoT-Polytech-Upmc

A dependency is a program or library which this program uses. When you import this program, the dependencies are automatically imported.

Class for using BMP180 Bosch Pressure sensor BMP180, pressure, sensor
A library for the use of DHT11, a temperature and humidity sensor DHT11, Humidity, Temperature
The PWM output by software. Can be output to any pin. It can be used to replace the Pwmout. pwm, PwmOut, SoftPWM, softwearPWM
Library for SparkFun APDS9960 Only gesture sensor checked for now. APDS9960, Gesture, sensor, sparkfun
Official mbed Real Time Operating System based on the RTX implementation of the CMSIS-RTOS API open standard. cmsis, rtos, RTX
The official Mbed 2 C/C++ SDK provides the software platform and libraries to build your applications.