Forks of MPR121_Demo

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Part 6 - Capacitive Touchpad
ECE 4180 Lab 1 Part 6 L1
Integrated Music Player (Basic Drums & Piano)
USes Sdcard reader, uLCD display, Speaker, Keypad, and Potenitometer slider to control volume
MPR121 demo code for 12 key Sparkfun touch keypad - sends key number to LEDs. Based on Sparkfun MPR121 code ported to mbed by Anthony Buckton mpr121
Second half of Lab2Part 1 using proximity sensor
C++ code for snake game
4180 Lab 4 v1.0
Whack a Mole game! Features: - LCD graphics display - Touch pad input - Speaker effects through a class D audio amplifier\ - A high score page maintained by the … game
ECE4018 Final Project - Cookie Jar