Dependents of 4DGL-uLCD-SE

A dependent is a program or library which makes use of this library.

example skeleton code for student lab project
Generate Morse code using console text input and output to LED and speaker.
This is a ball on the Mbed.
Accelerometer game
Integrated Music Player (Basic Drums & Piano)
DC Motor control using current time
Initial Flappy mbed Game
Measure capacitances by counting rising edges of a 555 astable oscillator.
version one
This program runs through one level of Pacman. Be advised. This game is not fully functional. The ghost character was commented out due to its seeming inability to coexist with … game, pacman
Twitter Coffee Maker
Object Avoidance Program
Final code for our 4180 Drawing Robot!
GA Tech ECE 2035B Project 2 Shell Code
Display Pressure and Temperature readings from the SCP1000 on uLCD
4180 Lab 4 v1.0
A game created using the uLCD and an Analog Joystick.
This is a remake of tetris game for mbed. Please see detail here http://developer.mbed.org/users/sucrelv/notebook/tetris-game-on-mbed
Simon: A Memory Game
mini project
Complete Code
Bare Boned Tetris
Demo of MP121 I2C touch sensors (playing piano keys)
Connect Four Mbed Game
mRackitBall - the single player pong
Student project simplified version of classic game frogger
ECE2035 class project
Code written by Paul Rabbat, Angel Daruna, Jarel Hawkins, and Cordel Williams
A security system that detects the movement of an object in a box using IR distance sensors
Mbed Clock application using an NTP connection to get internet time and a terminal interface to send commands
Code for Mbed Dashboard project. http://developer.mbed.org/users/julieefreeman/notebook/mbed-dashboard---obdii/
A security system that is activated after the object is removed from the box.
Use of nRF51822 to demonstrate usage of BLE-UART service provided by Nordic and the use of uLCD-144-G2. The demonstration uses the nRF Master Control Panel and nRF UART demo apps … Battery Service and Device Information Service, BLE, GATT services, LCD, nRF51822, UART, uLCD-144-G2
5-level Ball Game. Avoid hitting the lines by controlling the ball. See more info at: https://developer.mbed.org/users/shurjo_1234/notebook/lsm303d-3d-compass-and-accelerometer/
ECE 4180 Lab 2 IMU code template
problem 2 for HW 2
problem 3 for HW 2
problem 4 for HW 2