Example program running mbedClient over UbloxATCellularInterface or OnboardCellularInterface for the C030 platform.

Dependencies:   ublox-cellular-base ublox-at-cellular-interface ublox-ppp-cellular-interface ublox-at-cellular-interface-n2xx ublox-cellular-base-n2xx


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
16:d4f4a9dfa938 2018-02-28 RobMeades Update to latest libraries and replace UbloxPPPCellularInterface with OnboardCellularInterface. default tip
15:21e0bf60dd0c 2017-11-03 RobMeades Correct misleading comment.
14:953c9d86b64b 2017-09-28 philware Updated n2xx libraries
13:c1f582d9ad94 2017-09-28 rob.meades@u-blox.com Clarify comments.
12:78e41b0a374f 2017-09-14 rob.meades@u-blox.com Add N2xx as an option.
11:af250649583d 2017-08-11 rob.meades@u-blox.com Update ublox-cellular-base library version.
10:2afb344f1d90 2017-08-10 rob.meades@u-blox.com Update to latest ublox-cellular-base library.
9:53f7d685492e 2017-08-03 rob.meades@u-blox.com Update ublox-at-cellular-interface library version.
8:f341bfe37797 2017-07-31 rob.meades@u-blox.com Point mbed-os at ARMmbed mbed-os master, update all other library versions, remove compiler warnings in main.cpp and add mbed-trace to mbed_app.json (but set to false).
7:c8e4739bf326 2017-06-20 rob.meades@u-blox.com Point to main mbed-os repo now that necessary pull request (#4337) has been merged.
6:4a6f4f74dc12 2017-06-19 rob.meades@u-blox.com Update cellular base library version.
5:d81fdd2c89f2 2017-06-19 rob.meades@u-blox.com Remove template mbed_app.json files and make one single mbed_app.json file. Revise comments to point out that this example cannot be used on C027 as there is unsufficent mallocable RAM available.
4:0a1c9deefa19 2017-06-15 rob.meades@u-blox.com Update libraries to latest version.
3:5b8623c17906 2017-06-14 RobMeades All the basics in place: necessary libraries and template mbed_app.json files.
2:49b5c377d2ca 2017-06-09 RobMeades Update library references.
1:9f355da25904 2017-06-09 rob.meades@u-blox.com Flesh out example.
0:1811122ec272 2017-06-09 RobMeades Initial commit, shell only.