support library for C027 helper functions for Buffer Pipes, Buffered Serial Port (rtos capable) and GPS parsing. It includes modem APIs for USSD, SMS and Sockets.

Dependents:   HTTPClient_Cellular_HelloWorld Cellular_HelloMQTT MbedSmartRestMain Car_Bon_car_module ... more

Addition of Lisa-N10x support

[Update: resolved initialisation bug that was preventing SMSs from being sent, also changed CIoT device name to N100 as that is more generic than N101.].

Here I've added support for Lisa-N10x to the C027_Support library. The driver auto-detects which modem is in use by sending AT+GMM to the modem: if the answer is either "ERROR" or it is "OK" and the "+GMM:" string is NOT immediately followed by "Neul", then it is assumed that the board is a 2G/3G modem. If the answer is "OK" and the "+GMM:" string IS followed by "Neul" then it is assumed to be a Lisa-N10x modem. I have tested the changes on a C027 board with a Lisa-N10x module on it and also on a C027 board with a Lisa-U200 module on it. I have not tested with Sara or any other flavours of Lisa as I don't possess the hardware to do so.

Support for LISA-N101