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How to update interface firmware

You need the right firmware installed on your interface boards. This page explains where to get interface firmwares and how to update them.

IN11 can program and debug SDT64B, SDT8195B, SDT51822B, and SDT52832B. You can find it here:

  1. Go to /media/uploads/jwyune/screen_shot_2018-10-13_at_5.53.53_pm.png
  2. You can find interface firmwares at the bottom of the page. Save it on your computer. /media/uploads/jwyune/screen_shot_2018-10-13_at_5.54.30_pm.png
  3. Connect IN11 to your computer, while the RST button is held down. /media/uploads/jwyune/screen_shot_2018-10-13_at_5.59.30_pm.png
  4. You will see a new disk volume appear as \CRP DISABLD. /media/uploads/jwyune/screen_shot_2018-10-13_at_5.56.46_pm.png
  5. Replace firmware.bin with the downloaded firmware, and power cycle IN11.
  • On Windows, simple drag-and-drop works.
  • On Linux/Mac, use command: dd if={new_firmware.bin} of={firmware.bin} conv=notrunc

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