NSDL C library

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Fork of nsdl_lib by Tero Heinonen

Auto generated API documentation and code listings for nsdl_lib


registration_info_ Used for creating manually nsdl registration message with sn_coap_register()
sn_coap_hdr_ Main CoAP message struct
sn_coap_options_list_ Structure for CoAP Options
sn_grs_resource_ Includes resource path
sn_grs_resource_list_ Table of created resources
sn_nsdl_addr_ Address structure of Packet data
sn_nsdl_ep_parameters_ Endpoint registration parameters
sn_nsdl_mem_ Function pointers used for memory allocation and freeing
sn_nsdl_resource_info_ Defines parameters for the resource
sn_nsdl_resource_parameters_ Resource registration parameters
sn_nsdl_sent_messages_ For internal use
sn_proto_info_ Used protocol


sn_coap_header.h [code] CoAP C-library User header interface header file
sn_coap_protocol.h [code] CoAP C-library User protocol interface header file
sn_nsdl.h [code] NanoService Devices Library generic header file
sn_nsdl_lib.h [code] NanoService Devices Library header file