Dependents of LED_Bar

A dependent is a program or library which makes use of this library.

Project with example IPSO resources for LED bar, Gas Sensor, and Light Sensor
Initial commit
Initial commit
Example program for the Seeed Grove shield, that uses Grove LED Bar by SeeedStudio on D5 connector (D6/D5 pins). This program raises the bar from 0 to 10. bar, Grove, led, shield
Example program for the SeeedStudio Grove Shield V2.0, based on multiple grove components. This program uses Grove Digit Display on UART, Grove Relay on D4, Grove LED Bar on D5, … Grove, led, Relay, sensor, shield, UART
mbed device for IPSO Interop 2015
ARM bed project ! led, sensor;, thermal
Controlling a Grove LED bar (D5) with a Grove button (A0).
A simple Simon Says game using a Grove Base Shield, 3 Grove LED Bars, 1 Grove Buzzer, and 3 Grove Buttons.
GPIO program for K64F boards K64F
Final Project