mbedOS client example, modified to push X-Nucleo-IKS01A1/2 Environmental Sensor data to mbed Cloud Connector.

Dependencies:   X_NUCLEO_IKS01A1 X_NUCLEO_IKS01A2

The application is derived from the official mbedOS client example (link) and has been tested using a X-NUCLEO-IKS01A2 (default) or a X-NUCLEO-IKS01A1 motion and environmental sensors expansion board connected to a ST NUCLEO-F429ZI platform.
The following steps should be performed to make the application work:

  • Register and login into ARM mbed Connector.
  • Replace the default and empty security.h file with the one associated with your account and provided by the Connector (Security Credentials menu).
  • In order to use X-NUCLEO-IKS01A1 instead of default X-NUCLEO-IKS02A1 comment out the IKS01A2 macro definition in main.cpp file.
  • Choose NUCLEO-F429ZI as a target either from online compiler or from CLI, compile and flash.
  • Connect the board to your ethernet network, open a serial terminal (params 115200N1) and wait that the client is connected to the mbed Connector.
  • Press user button to start acquiring and pushing the environmental (pressure, temperature and humidity) data.

Note: environmental data are expressed using IPSO representation based on OMA LWM2M standard.