Expansion SW library to control high power stepper motor(s) using IHM03A1 expansion board(s) with Powerstep01 driver.


Dependents:   IHM03A1_ExampleFor1Motor HelloWorld_IHM03A1 IHM03A1_ExampleFor3Motors KYPHOS_Stepper_Motor_Control

Fork of X_NUCLEO_IHM03A1 by ST Expansion SW Team

Motor Control Library

Library to handle the X-NUCLEO-IHM03A1 Motor Control Expansion Board based on the Powerstep01 component.

It features the:

  • read and write of Powerstep01 registers
  • Nucleo and expansion board configuration (GPIOs, PWMs, IRQs, etc.)
  • Powerstep01 application commands handling
  • FLAG and BUSY interrupt handling (alarm reporting)
  • Daisy chain handling

The API allows to easily:

  • perform various positioning, moves and stops
  • get/set or monitor the motor positions
  • set home position and mark another position
  • get/set minimum and maximum speed
  • get current speed
  • get/set acceleration and deceleration
  • get/set the step mode (up to 1/128)
  • get/set the control method
  • get/set parameters for voltage mode driving
  • get/set parameters for current mode driving
  • get/set parameters for gate driving
  • configure various protections such as overcurrent detection
  • enable/disable alarms
  • handle step-clock
  • get system status

Daisy-Chain Configuration

The IHM03A1 board can be stacked up to three times so that the Powerstep01 components will be connected in daisy-chain configuration. For this purpose, some resistors must be correctly connected on the boards as depicted here below:

/media/uploads/nucleosam/driving1steppermotor.png /media/uploads/nucleosam/driving2steppermotors.png /media/uploads/nucleosam/driving3steppermotors.png

Platform compatibility

Compatible platforms have been tested with the default configuration provided by the HelloWorld_IHM03A1 example.

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