Library to handle the X_NUCLEO_IHM02A1 Motor Control Expansion Board based on the L6470 component.


Dependents:   HelloWorld_IHM02A1 ConcorsoFinal HelloWorld_IHM02A1_mbedOS HelloWorld_IHM02A1-Serialinterpreter ... more

Fork of X_NUCLEO_IHM02A1 by ST Expansion SW Team

Auto generated API documentation and code listings for X_NUCLEO_IHM02A1


handle_t Component's Context structure definition
L6470 Class representing a L6470 component
XNucleoIHM02A1 Class representing a X-NUCLEO-IHM02A1 board


component_def.h [code] Generic header file containing a generic component's definitions and I/O functions
L6470.cpp [code]
L6470.h [code] This file contains the class of an L6470 Motor Control component
L6470_def.h [code] This file contains definitions, exported variables and function prototypes related to the L6470
microstepping_motor_def.h [code] This file contains all the functions prototypes for the microstepping motor driver with motion engine
x_nucleo_ihm02a1_config.h [code] Configuration header file for the X_NUCLEO_IHM02A1 expansion board
XNucleoIHM02A1.cpp [code] Implementation file for the X_NUCLEO_IHM02A1 expansion board
XNucleoIHM02A1.h [code] Class header file for the X-NUCLEO-IHM02A1 expansion board