Library to handle the X-NUCLEO-CCA02M1 MEMS Microphones Expansion Board.


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Fork of X_NUCLEO_CCA02M1 by ST Expansion SW Team

MEMS Microphones Library

Library to handle the X-NUCLEO-CCA02M1 MEMS Microphones Expansion Board. A single board allows to record a standard 2-channel stereo signal as an array of PCM samples (16 bit/sample); in principle, it could make use of six additional MEMS microphones to realize a 8-channel audio system.

Microphones configuration

Currently the configurations supported are the following:

  • Stereo@48KHz
  • Stereo@44.1KHz (CD audio quality)
  • Stereo@32KHz
  • Stereo@16KHz
  • Stereo@8KHz
  • Mono@48KHz
  • Mono@44.1KHz
  • Mono@32KHz
  • Mono@16KHz
  • Mono@8KHz

Mono configurations need a Jumper connecting PB_5 and PB_13 on the Morpho connector to properly work.

Platform compatibility

  • This board can be currently used with the Nucleo F4 Family only, please see the ST_I2S library compatibility for further information.
  • The library is compatible both with mbed OS 5.x and mbed classic 2.x (to work with mbed classic, the main application has to import the "events" library, which is not included into the "mbed" library).

I2S Peripheral Usage

By default this board makes use of the I2S peripheral available on Nucleo boards.

Acquiring through the USB

In order to acquire the recorded PCM audio channel with an audio SW on a PC, please connect the expansion board to a USB port of the PC, and the Nucleo board to a USB power supply.

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